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Brug zulus penge pitch (Spend zulus money)

We were asked to make a intro-pitch for a new TV-Show on TV2 Zulu (Danish Network). The program is about giving two comedians $20,000 and have them spend the cash in 24 hours. But there is a catch, the participants would be dropped off in remote places where money is hard to spend, such as the jungle, in a dessert or the North Pole. This project was done in collaboration with Jesper Klingsøe. We mutually came up with the idea. We brainstormed, storyboarded and decided a look and feel for the project. Then Jesper did the 3D and I worked on sounds, logo, lower third, color grading and the video edit. Even though we only had 2 day to execute we think we came up with something that we can be really proud of.

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